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How to create a task using a Plan/Drawing ?
How to create a task using a Plan/Drawing ?

It's easy to add tasks directly on your drawings in order to save your time when on the field.

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Using Mobile

  1. Go to the project in which you intend to create your new task.

  2. Click on Plans in the navigation bar.

  3. Select the plan on which you would like to add your task.

  4. Zoom in on the plan or the drawing for more accuracy.

  5. Move the green pointer to the location of the task. Then your camera opens directly.

    Depending on the chosen steps in your settings, the following steps will be different.

    To add, remove or modify the next steps, this article shows you how.

  6. Take your photo ( you can take several pictures at the same time)

  7. You can even draw on your picture by taping on it. Once this is done, click Validate.

  8. After taking all your photos, Click Save

  9. Choose the subcontractor or the group you wish to assign the task, then press Next at the top right of your screen.

    If you do not want to assign your task, press Skip

  10. Type the name of your task, You can write a new name or select one from those already entered. Then press Done.

Great Job, your task has been created on the plan; and you are free to repeat this procedure as many times as you like.

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