How to determine the Role of each user ?

You can assign different type of permission of each user by setting up a Role

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Using Bulldozair is a great and simple way to assign and share Tasks to others;

However we created a way to help you adjust the user's Permission Level !

Here are the different Roles in Bulldozair :

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  • Viewer : Users in this role can only view the Tasks and Tags, open the Plans and documents. they cannot modify or change the informations in the project.

  • Reporter : Users in this role are similar to viewer Users, in addition they can modify the Task Status.

  • Collaborator : Users in this role have more permissions than the reporter, they are allowed to create and add description to the Tasks; also they can add or modify the plans and documents in the projects.

  • Admin : Users in this role have the same permissions as the collaborator, in addition they can set up the Teams Section: They can add or remove users and change the role of other users

  • Owner : Being the Project Owner means that you have access to all the features in Bullsozair; Only the Owner can determine the Admins of the project.

The main purpose of Bulldozair is to improve communicate between users and give them the chance to work in a collaborative way on field !

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