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Company Admin: Create Licences for my colleagues and partners
Company Admin: Create Licences for my colleagues and partners

Once the Licenses have been subscribed, you can start assigning access to contributors

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  1. Connect to the Admin Panel by using the same login IDs as for Bulldozair application (e-mail and password).

    ☝️ NB: In case you are not able to Sign In, contact our Support Team to activate this option.

  2. To begin activating the Licences, start by creating a Group of work in "My Licences" Tab. Start adding the e-mail addresses in this group to assign access to the participants.

    You can create as many groups as you want !

    💡 Group License Settings

    • Name: Pick the corresponding name of the group according to the service or function of the members. (Ex: Name of my company, Project Name, Service company name, Etc...).

    • License type:

    i. For your colleagues

    ii. For your service providers

    iii. Etc...

    • License Number: you can choose the number of licence that you want (However the maximum license number is the one purchased from Bulldozair). You can split the total number of the purchased licences in several groups

  3. Now clique on the "See more" Button at the end of the created group line

  4. Type all the e-mail addresses of the members. (One e-mail address per line !)

✅. Great! Now all the added e-mail addresses have access to Bulldozair

📩 An automatic e-mail is sent immediately to each address allowing him to create his own account: ( Set the password, filling the user's general information, Etc...)

☝️ Users must not forget to check in their spam/junk mails in case they did not receive the e-mail!

🚨 Important Notice 🚨

The projects in which the users have access is not technically linked with the access created by bulldozair as mentioned above!

Once the accesses have been created, all users are now able to connect and use the platform. Then they start creating and joining the appropriate projects.

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