I can' t see the same tasks/folders as the others

I don't have access to the same tasks or folders as my colleagues.

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In case you do not have access to some of the tasks or folders you should have access to.

📱 Mobile Version (iOS or Android)

  1. Start a sync then check again.

  2. If you still see nothing, follow these steps ⬇️

🖥 Go to the WebApp Version

Project members who can see the Tasks or the Files should verify that:

  1. the Task/Folder is assigned/shared with you or the Group of which you are a member

  2. in case the Task is inside a Folder, check that the Folder is shared with you or a Group you belong to.

  3. If the Task is shared with your Group but you don't see it

    Go to the Team => Groups tab then check that your name is checked ✅ after clicking on your Group

🔲 In case your name in unchecked

✅ In case your name is checked

Ask an Administrator or the Project Owner to add you to the group.

➡️ To see who is Administrator or Owner, go to the sub-section Members

We must investigate the problem.

Contact the support team Bulldozair

  • 💬 via chat

  • 📞 by calling 01 84 17 32 89

  • (or your preferred contact)

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