Assign the Correct Role to users

You can assign roles based on the user field of work

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Only Admin users have the authority to change and define others Role.

This action is only possible on the Web Version of Bulldozair !

  1. Users who work in the field, and whose jobs is to record any type of inspection

    ➡️ You should assign them the role Creator

    Frequent Exemple : I am a Project Engineer in a Project Management Company, or a work supervisor within a general company.

  2. Users whose job is to reply to creator's Tasks ⬆️

    ➡️ You should assign them the role Commenter

    Frequent Exemple : I am a works supervisor within a company or a specialty contractor

I have a problem : I can't assign the desired role

In this case, the user does not have a sufficient License Type to allow this.
➡️ So contact the Company Administrator to modify the Licence

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