๐Ÿ”– What are Tags and why use them ?

Using Tags allow you to organise your project informations

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๐Ÿ”– Tags are used to organise, easily find and follow the process of the Tasks in your project. Tags have several effects:

In the following exemples, we will use the following Tags:

  • Installation Control: All the tasks related to "Installation Control" in the various construction works

  • Regular Control: All the tasks resulting from the weekly visit of the technical design office.

  • Non compliance: All the tasks showing non-compliance

Display mode of your Tasks in the application

When selecting the display mode " Group by Tags ", your tasks will be classified by:

Web Version

Mobile Version

Using filters

Effect on the Reports

According to the templates, the Tasks will be organized by Tags

Follow the progress of your Tasks

In the Tags Tab of each project, you can check the progress of each Tag !

In the following exemple, the Tag "Regular Control" has:

3 Tasks in total for this category,

1/3 (33%) is To-do

1/3 (33%) is Submitted

1/3 (33%) is Done

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