You can export your form report in a customized style and then choose to use it by default.

  1. Click on your account icon at the top right of your screen then select "Form templates".

  2. Start by making and setting up your form in Bulldozair.

    👉🏻 Here's how to create a form template

  3. ❗️ Highly important step❗️

    Go to "Form export template"

    Then download the Example form export templates

    (You can choose the format that is appropriate to your report template: Excel or Word)

  4. In the "Form Field Builder" tab; copy the formula for each field by clicking on the small ℹ︎ in the Bulldozair form then paste it into the answer cell in your report form.

    ❗️ You can also use the Excel or Word file you have already downloaded to copy more detailed formulas ❗️

  5. Do the same steps for all the other fields of your form so that all the answers are filled in your custom report.

  6. Once your custom report template is complete with all the corresponding formulas; drag and drop this file into the "Form export template" tab.

  7. You can set this form template by default by clicking "Set by default"

Your FORM EXPORT TEMPLATE is saved and ready to use

👉🏻 How to export a "Custom form" report

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