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Export templates for custom forms: What are tags for?
Export templates for custom forms: What are tags for?
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Once you have configured your form, you will be able to create your custom form export template (Excel or Word) using tags.


The tags are used to identify the fields of your form.

They are unique codes for each field that you will configure in your form and that you can use to set up your export template and thus your custom report form template.

The tags have a very particular codification that allows you to retrieve and link the data related to the form to the export template, such as: a photo, observation, a multiple-choice selection, a comment, a plan, or an attachment.

The tags are always surrounded by two braces {observations_7t2nd} related to an activity.

There are different codifications of tags, and each collects specific information from the form, allowing you to retrieve multiple types of information to integrate them into your regulatory format.

  • {%zone_controle_ok8f6} : Geolocation.

  • {date_visite_rtbv1} : Date.

  • {%positionnement_plan_9dj72} : Location on plan.

  • {%dessin_plan_k08iq} : Drawing on plan.

  • {observation_v4mro} : Text (Observation)

  • {%photo_n129m} : Photo.

  • {ajouter_pie_jointe_b777t} : Attachment.

  • {%fixe_g92hn} : Fixed Image.

  • {num_dsjs4} : Value.

  • {choix_e4ugr} : Multiple choice to retrieve entered responses.

  • {unique_akc03} : Single choice to retrieve entered response.

  • {%signature_moe_j8b19} : Signatures of participants.


❗️ You must first save your form to be able to retrieve the tags. ❗️

1- From the form editor (available on your account via My form templates).

You must click on the i icon to copy the tag and paste it into your report template.

2- You can also retrieve the tags from your form by downloading the Excel or Word export template examples. This will also help you retrieve tags that are not available in the form, such as those for photo field descriptions and signatures.

Here is an Excel example of an export template:

💡 Pro tip for the photo field tag :

1- Photo:

  • Copy a blank image to define and set the size of your photo and position it where you want.

  • Select the image, right-click, then select Edit alt text.

  • Return to the form editor, copy the photo field tag and paste it into the alt text editing space.

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