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Company administrator: create a work-group
Company administrator: create a work-group

Creating workgroups in order to share form templates or contact books between users.

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🤔 What is the point ? 🤔

If a user is part of a workgroup, he/she is able to share his/her form templates and contact books with the other users of the same workgroup.

👉 how to operate ?

  1. Connect to the Admin Panel by using the same login IDs as for Bulldozair application (e-mail and password).

    ☝️ NB: In case you are not able to Sign In, contact our Support Team to activate this option.

  2. Go to 'My workgroups' tab, begin by creating a group then add users to it. You can create as many groups as you want !

    💡 TIP

    If you add an email address to the workgroup, this does not create a license for the person. You must add him to a license group first !!

  3. Then click on the "See more" Button at the end of the created group line

  4. Type all the e-mail addresses of the members. (One e-mail address per line !)

Great! Now all added users have access to the form templates and contact books that are shared with this group.

⚙️ By clicking on the Form templates or the Contact book, it is possible to view which ones are visible to the group.

📘 Create a contact book for my teams

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