How task folders work ?

You can share the task folders with all users, some users or keep them private

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How to use task folders

You can share your task folders with:

  • All project participants

  • Specific project participant

  • Just me (keep it private)

You can share a task folder in same order with all your project participants.

When you create tasks inside a shared folder, they are automatically visible to these participants.

Folder "Shared with me"

In this folder, you can find all the tasks that are shared with you.

You also have the possibility to share your tasks directly with another user (even if he doesn't have access to this shared folder).

In this case, the task will appear in his "Shared with me" folder...

Probably several of your tasks are already in the shared folder!

Display mode : Folders or Table

  • Display mode "Folders" allows you to browse and organize your tasks in the same order of your folder.

    It is in this display mode that you will be able to define the sharing rights of each folder, and you get to move your tasks from folder to folder. It is also the perfect mode if you have an organization by sections or by themes, for example.

  • Display mode "Table" shows all your tasks, regardless of whether they belong to the folder or not.

    It is this mode that you can see all your tasks at once.


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