How to share a Template Form ?
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🚨 IMPORTANT NOTICE: This action is only available on the web version of Bulldozair 🚨

👉 So be sure to do this before you make your field visit.

📱 Do not forget to launch your synchronization in order to retrieve the templates on your mobile.

Share Template Forms

  1. Log into your account in the web version of Bulldozair.

  2. Then go to Form Templates.

  3. Click on the share icon next to your Form.

    💡 Notice: if the form template is already open you can also use the share button at the bottom right.

  4. Choose the group with which you want to share your form template then click "OK".

❓ I can't share the form template, an error message appears ❓

➡️ Be Aware: Only the creator of the form template can share it with others

You need to contact the creator of the form.

💡 If the creator is not reachable, we can tell you a trick.

❓ I can't see any groups in my list ❓

➡️ Check with the Company Administrator that the Workgroup exists and that you are assigned to the group.

👉 Now everyone is connected to the form: Let's go to collect informations !

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