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How to conduct a visit based on a form?

(5 min read) Conduct a safety tour, an environmental audit, or any type of visit based on forms and checklists.

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🚨 Important 🚨

Before going on-site, Synchronize your mobile app (phone or tablet) with the right project to have access to the latest information.


1️⃣ Open the right project + the right folder

2️⃣ 1 task = 1 visit🚶

3️⃣ Fill out the form 📋

4️⃣ Share with others 👁

5️⃣ Tag 🔖


1. 📱 I open Bulldozair. I go to the project, in the Tasks section. If a folder dedicated to my visits exists, I open it; if not, I move to step 2.

2. 🆕 For my visit, I create a Task with the same name. Example: Safety tour 09/02

💡 Pro tip 💡

  1. The form responses can be included in the visit reports created from Bulldozair.

  2. You can save the form as a draft if you are unable to answer all the questions on the spot or if you want to leave the form pending.

  3. Even after saving the form, you can correct/deletethe entered information within 30 days if there are typos or other issues related to site conditions.

4. I make the created Task visible to everyone 👁️

💡 Pro tip💡To avoid the sharing step, create Task folders shared with the right contacts before your visit! All tasks created within a folder inherit the same visibility criteria.

5. 🔖 Add a tag to associate the Task with the right category and find it easily later: progress, non-compliance, safety...

As you make visits, they will display one after the other in the folder.


1. 🌐 Connect to Wi-Fi and sync to upload your work.

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